Top Signs You Might Need To Take Pest Control Recertification Courses

Before you got involved in the pest control industry, you might have taken pest control certification classes so you could become properly certified as a pest control professional in your state. You might have never really planned on taking any additional pest control courses after the initial courses that you took, but you might end up needing to take pest control recertification courses. In fact, it might actually be time for you to consider taking pest control recertification courses right now. Read More 

DNP Vs. Ph.D.: 3 Features To Influence Your Decision

A doctoral degree is the highest level degree in the nursing field. There is more than one type of doctoral degree: Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.). There are several features that distinguish one terminal degree from the other that can influence your decision regarding which one is best for your career needs. Flexible Scheduling One of the concerns with many nurses who want to pursue additional education is finding a program that allows for flexibility so they can continue their current nursing careers. Read More